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2014 Apr 15

Animation Tips & Tricks in Artlantis 5

On the timeline, an animated camera is represented by a stripe with two keyframes.  Changing these keyframes will change the start or the end moment of the action and will also affect the camera speed.

2014 Feb 04

Animating the Heliodon in Artlantis 5

The Heliodon animation is a sun study of a few hours or of a longer period of time. It will be set by creating an action on the timeline.  Learn how to animate the Heliodon in Artlantis 5 for even more realistic animations!

2014 Jan 28

Animating a camera in Artlantis 5

Creating a path to a camera is easy in Artlantis 5.  Learn how to in this short, informative tutorial!

2014 Jan 21

Animating clouds and water in Artlantis 5

For even more realistic renderings, you can set moving clouds and waves on the water in an animation sequence.  These settings will generate a constant movement of the clouds and water surface throughout the duration of the sequence. Moving the clouds and creating waves on the surface of the water provide more realism to sequences and add life even to still cameras.



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