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2012 Jul 27

How to find, search, and sort on the BIMobject portal

This video shows how to find, search and sort on the BIMobject® portal using the different filters available. The website is fully functional without an account. However, you will need to login if you want to download an object.

This makes it easy for you to share the links to the different products you find interesting, via social media for instance. Since there is no requirement to log in, you can be sure that the information shared is accessible and visible for everyone.

2012 Jul 27

Exciting changes at Objects Online!

During an election year, there is always a heightened sense that change is in the air. We may not know which way the winds will blow, but when we participate, we become part of a change process that keeps things vibrant, healthy, and renewed. Here at Objects Online, we are also undergoing some exciting changes this year, and your input can make a difference.

In April of this year, Objects Online became a BIMobject franchise. Our goal at BIMobject is to close the gaps that often exist between building product manufacturers and architects by offering a portal where thousands of high-quality information-rich manufacturers' BIM objects can be downloaded in a variety of BIM formats, at no cost to the end user. Furthermore, we are actively developing solutions to bring the portal to you, directly within your BIM software, allowing you to skip the trip to the, fast, and easy! Sound good?

This is a departure from the original Objects Online business model, where our customers visited our website and paid for the content they downloaded. We believe the BIMobject approach is a better way to serve the industry we know and love, providing a win-win for both architects and manufacturers. As a result, we have decided to discontinue all existing CAD and BIM-related object sales on Objects Online, effective August 1, 2012. We will be rolling out a completely new, streamlined website soon that will continue to focus on the Artlantis product family, while bringing you important news and information regarding the offerings from BIMobject.

Here's where your input can help. There are thousands of manufacturers out there, and we want to know which market segments and manufacturers are most important to you. If there are manufacturers you specify regularly, do they currently have BIM objects? Could their BIM catalog be improved or more fully developed? How would you rate the quality of the accompanying information? What source(s) do you use when searching for and specifying a product? Do you have contacts in or related to the building manufacturing industry who you feel we should be talking to? These are just a few conversation starters...feel free to elaborate. You can participate in our survey or contact us directly, but the important thing to take from all this is that we want to hear from you. We appreciate your loyal support of Objects Online over the past 15 years, and we want to continue to serve you for the next 15 years and beyond in ways that meet or exceed all of your expectations!

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2012 Feb 16

BIMobject launches global BIM objects portal

PARIS, February 16, 2012 -- The Abvent Group, editor and publisher of Artlantis, is pleased to announce the launch of BIMobject, a new resource for architects and designers working with BIM/CAD modeling software. Architects, designers, interior designers, engineers, and construction companies can search, filter, and download BIM objects into their own CAD/BIM systems such as ArchiCAD, Autocad, Revit, or Allplan. Many of the objects are in Artlantis format.

The web-based portal supplies the building industry with digital replicas of products used by architects, designers, and construction companies. BIM objects can be downloaded free of charge. Users will have access to products with the product information integrated into their BIM system. As a result, manufacturers gain high visibility for their products and are integrated into the design and construction process.

"Abvent is pleased to share the news about this innovative architectural and design resource with Artlantis users," Xavier Soule, CEO of Abvent said. "BIMobject offers obvious benefits for architects, designers, and manufacturers alike," he continued.

All product information is integrated into each BIM object. Architects and designers do not have to interrupt their design process to look for product information. Materials, configurations, types, classifications, custom 2D symbols, optimized 3D geometry as well as other relevant product information are immediately available. Links to the manufacturers' websites and PDF files for installation and maintenance documentation are included with each BIM object as well.


About BIMobject

BIMobject creates virtual product and web catalogues for use by CAD/BIM users. BIMobject links CAD/BIM technology to the building industry to develop and manage digital replicas of their products as BIM objects. BIMobject also assists companies with market analysis, business and lead generation, and helps manufacturers publish their BIMobjects in the most effective way possible. BIMobject puts building and interior design products at the architects' fingertips, allowing them to download and use them in their design and specification process.

About Abvent

Since 1985, the Abvent Group has offered innovative image and design solutions for CAD and BIM professionals in the fields of architecture and design. Abvent's cutting-edge approach to digital imagery has resulted in unique products and services that are innovative, powerful, and easy-to-use.


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