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2013 Mar 05

BIMobject® Weber Saint-Gobain Artlantis rendering in 3D

The products are the first in this range and include facade renders, Leca® Blocks as wall composites, and detailed BIM objects. The ranges are developed both to cover the needs for BIM users in visualization, project work, 3D detailing, and even in advanced construction and production models.

The Weber BIM objects are available for various 3D visualization systems, as system families for Revit, Composite wall structures in ArchiCAD, but also as individual parametric objects and wall systems. The Leca® Blocks can used in a very advanced way for construction analysis and quantity take offs.

2013 Mar 03

Language support integrated into the BIMobject portal

Multi-language support will greatly enhance the experience for many users and make it easier to access and use the BIM objects published on the portal. This further supports the BIMobject mission, of being the primary global BIM object content provider for the building industry, by attracting more BIM users across the world.

The version released provides the BIM object catalogue in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and German. More languages will be added during 2013.

All search, filter and integrated functions are available in the different languages so users can use the portal in their native language or the language required for the project. All the language features are available immediately in the highly popular BIMobject APP for Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD.

The integrated support for languages in the BIMobject portal also benefits international component manufacturers with a much reduced maintenance on making available country specific BIM objects. And where manufacturers have their own private clouds to publish BIMobject catalogues, they can also choose the most appropriate language.

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2013 Feb 25

Introducing BIMobject Private Cloud technology

With the product portal continuing to serve as the central cloud solution, the possibility to build synchronized replicas of the product cloud are now infinite. With the release of the new technology, BIMobject is moving its affiliate program to the new solution and now calling it Private Clouds.

With the new BIMobject® Private Cloud technology, there will be two solutions immediately available. This will be in the form of web services that can be setup by an administrator and later maintained by the building product manufacturer or, for instance, a construction company.

This means that a building product manufacturer present on the cloud can publish and brand their own product catalog based on the BIMobject® cloud technology with the same functionality of the main cloud.

With BIMobject's new Private Cloud technology, this also means that a web-based on-line product catalog will be very simple to maintain and keep in complete sync with the main cloud. Any changes made on the cloud will also be made on all of the private clouds. All functions -- BIMail, BIManalytics, and BIMobject® apps -- are also compatible with the Private Clouds.

Watch the video below to learn more about BIMobject Private Cloud technology!

2012 Aug 02

What's on YOUR BIM object wish list?

There are exciting changes coming to Objects Online, and we are asking for your help in shaping the future of our company. Please take our 5 minute survey and share your thoughts with us. Your input will help us make sure we're contacting the manufacturers that YOU want to see in the BIMobject Portal.

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