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2013 Jun 19

BIMobject App for ArchiCAD

BIMobject® announced today that the cloud integration App for GRAPHISOFT's ArchiCAD, the leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) architectural software developer, has been launched. The App is completely free of charge for all users of ArchiCAD worldwide, giving the ArchiCAD user a toolset to find, source, update and check BIM objects supplied through the cloud completely integrated in their software.

The integration is completely unique and is the best-in-class web service integration inside ArchiCAD. The App has functions to quickly browse the BIMobject® cloud database online and find real products from real manufacturers. A simple click to download and the BIM objects are loaded in the ArchiCAD user's project, ready for placement and further configuration.

Another great feature is the ability to check for updates. The App will check to ensure the actual version of the placed object in your project is the same version as on the cloud. If there is a newer version of the actual product in the cloud, the product information can automatically be transferred to the already downloaded files. This is a feature not seen in any other solution and gives a completely new way for manufacturers to update product data and add new properties to already downloaded objects. This solves the issue of keeping and maintaining data up to date, great for both the user and manufacturer.

The App also consists of a BIMail integration. ArchiCAD users now have the ability to send and receive BIMails directly from inside their BIM software, making ArchiCAD "social." Manufacturers have the ability to use BIMail to inform users about product news and updates through BIMail inside the ArchiCAD system.

Another thrilling functionality is the featured manufacturer section where building and interior product manufacturers can obtain their own branded button. It opens the private cloud of that particular manufacturer inside ArchiCAD so the user can browse that manufacturer's products directly. The manufacturers featured will update on a monthly basis through web services, and is directly connected to the cloud solution at

The App for Windows is available for immediate download at or from inside the ArchiCAD 17 application. The App is also compatible with ArchiCAD versions 15 and 16. The App will be available for Mac in the second half of July.

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2013 Jun 13

Furniture manufacturer Stolab releases more BIM objects for ArchiCAD and Revit

Swedish manufacturer Stolab has just released 13 additional BIM objects on the BIMobject® Portal. The BIM objects are available for ArchiCAD and Revit. Additional formats for AutoCAD and Artlantis will be made available in the near future.

Stolab has been producing furniture since 1907. Stolab manufactures and sells its furniture, preferably made from solid wood, to the Nordic home and public interior market. Stolab's aim is to achieve a unique market position through consistent actions in agreement with core values regarding their own manufacturing processes, design, functionality and environmental responsibility.

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2013 May 08 Channels BIM Objects from BIMobject®

GRAPHISOFT, the developer of ArchiCAD, the Number One choice of architects for BIM solutions, will now channel BIM objects from the BIMobject® cloud and integrate them into the organic search results on, GRAPHISOFT’s portal for parametric BIM objects, will automatically channel objects developed, maintained, and published by real manufacturers in the central cloud solution at

The brand recognition of BIMobject® is well known and certifies that the objects come from real manufacturers and are real products that can be specified and sourced in real life. The unique channel concept developed by BIMobject allows building product portals to channel the BIM objects used by more and more websites around the world. For manufacturers, this offers convenience by centralizing the hosting and maintenance of their digital product data; the BIMobject® cloud handles all the building product searches to be updated.

The cooperation between GRAPHISOFT and BIMobject® will increase the visibility of the manufacturers’ BIM objects and simplify the way architects and engineers can search for BIM objects and download them to their favorite BIM system.

These high quality BIM objects are guaranteed to be by the manufacturers and quality controlled by BIM experts from BIMobject®.

”The integration with, the world's leading manufacturer specific content provider, offers direct access to an extensive collection of high quality BIM content by real manufacturers available both in ArchiCAD 17 and on This creates a huge value for our users by providing the quality and details very much a standard for the BIMobject® content,” said Akos Pfemeter, Director of Global Marketing, GRAPHISOFT.

”We are very pleased to have BIMcomponents as the latest in a long row of channel partners. We continue to serve building and interior product manufacturers to create a dynamic and maintainable infrastructure for product content   management. We expect the collaboration to be very useful for both ArchiCAD users as well as the manufacturers in the building industry,” said Stefan Larsson, CEO of BIMobject AB.



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2013 May 04

IBERfibran develops objects in cooperation with BIMobject

Portuguese manufacturer IBERfibran, from the international Fibran group, has created BIM objects for their insulation systems. FIBRAN SA designs and manufactures products and solutions for thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and fire protection, bringing energy efficiency into building, industrial, and marine applications.

"IBERfibran started this project in collaboration with BIMobject® in order to allow engineers, architects and designers to have an easily accessible tool to develop their insulation projects. We believe that this collaboration will simplify the process of modeling a building. We also believe that to be successful, we have to anticipate our clients' needs, and designers are our first clients in the chain of promoting and selling our high performance isolation FIBRANxps," said Vera Silva, Product and Marketing Manager for IBERfibran.

The range of four IBERfibran xps products are made available as a complete set of library parts, covering main needs for building insulation. The objects are available both in Revit and ArchiCAD. Please follow the link below to see the products on the BIMobject® portal, and while there, register to download them free of charge.

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2013 May 02

Sovella releases industrial furniture as BIM objects for Revit and ArchiCAD

Sovella is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial furniture and workstations. Alongside quality and durability, Sovella workstation solutions are defined by ergonomics, modularity, and human-centered designs.

Sovella wallshelving systems meet the high demands set for storage in public spaces in terms of durability and load capacity. A wide range of wire shelves, pull out baskets, cloth rails and racks as well as perforated panels and hooks are available and compatible with each other. The system also includes a free-standing unit.

The BIM objects of the Sovella wallshelving system range are available for Revit and ArchiCAD, both in Finnish and English language. Please follow the link below to see the products on the BIMobject® portal, and while there, register to download them free of charge.

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