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2013 Mar 12

Fast Render launches Artlantis Render Farm

PARIS, March 12, 2013 -- Fast Render, a subsidiary of Abvent S.A. and ND 3D Image and Film, has announced the launch of Artlantis Render Farm, offering powerful rendering calculation services to Artlantis users around the world.

Artlantis Render Farm offers the Artlantis user community more than 300 CPU's to produce photo-realistic still images or complex, high-definition animations with the high quality settings that clients demand, at a fraction of the average rendering times.

Artlantis Render Farm currently supports Artlantis Render and Artlantis Studio versions 3 and 4. In the future, the current version and the immediately previous version will be supported.  Users have the option to ask for either an Artlantis engine calculation or a Maxwell Render engine calculation.

"We are pleased to be working with the Artlantis power users at ND 3D on this project," said Xavier Soule, CEO of Abvent. "Artlantis Render Farm's speed, strength, and affordability will allow Artlantis users around the world to produce the highest quality images and animations possible," he added.

Visit Artlantis Render Farm for more information.

About Abvent
Since 1985, the Abvent Group has offered innovative image and design solutions for CAD professionals in the fields of architecture and design, and photography. For over 25 years, Abvent's cutting edge approach to digital imagery has resulted in products and services that are innovative, powerful, and easy-to-use.  Abvent develops and publishes Artlantis, a family of stand-alone 3D rendering applications developed especially for architects and designers, ideal for quickly and easily creating high-resolution 3D renderings, iVisit 3D Panoramas, QuickTime® VR Objects and animations.  A recognized leader in preview window technology, Artlantis is the rendering software used by architects, designers and urban design professionals in more than 80 countries.

About ND 3D Image & Film
ND 3D Image & Film has been offering high quality 3D image and film services to the real estate market since 1998. ND 3D Image & Film has succeeded in providing 3D services to the real estate sector, as well as in architecture, engineering, and construction. Supplying 3D image and film services, their clients have been able to experience the best there is in virtual communication support tools, designed specifically for the real estate market. With 3D images and films produced for projects all around the world, ND 3D Image & Film's high quality services have been widely recognized by the top market players.

2012 Oct 24

Artlantis export plug-in news

Vectorworks 2013 export plug-ins to Artlantis 3 and 4.1 are now ready for downloading.

ArchiCAD 14, 15, 16 export plug-ins to Artlantis 3 and 4.1 were updated and enhanced.

  • Use Reference File, lights and cameras offset
  • Use Reference File, the already created panoramas keep their nodes
  • In spite of being unchecked, the textures were exported
  • The ArchiCAD lamps were switched off when transported to Artlantis
  • More accuracy when merging geometry
  • The exported materials are smoothed by 20% by default. As a result, all curved surfaces arrive smoothed into Artlantis
  • The version number of the export is now displayed in the "Extension Manager" window.
The latest ArchiCAD 16 Hotfix includes and installs the updated Artlantis 4.1 export plug-in by default. This Hotfix can be accessed only from inside of ArchiCAD either by following the instructions of the automatic message, or by opening the Help menu and choosing the "Check for Updates" command.

 Download the Export Plug-ins

 Download the Artlantis 30-day Demo

2012 Sep 26

Good news for ARC+ users

Our good friends at CADez in The Netherlands are proud of the beautiful work users of both ARC+ and Artlantis have produced over the years -- and rightly so.

Users of ARC+ will be pleased to know that this well-known modeling software now supports Artlantis 3, 4, and 4.1 directly.

Check out this gallery of work here and here to see just some of the beautiful work that has been produced with these two powerful architectural modeling and rendering tools.

Download the latest version of ARC+ here.

Download a 30-day demo version of Artlantis here.

2012 Apr 06

ArchiCAD plug-in update from Abvent

Abvent has released new export plug-ins for ArchiCAD 14, 15, SE 2011 and SE 2012 export plug-ins to Artlantis 2, 3 and 4.


  • In ArchiCAD, when the geometry was too far from the origin, it would cause an offset of the position in Artlantis when merging a scene or using the Use Reference File command;
  • When updating an Artlantis 2 scene with objects through the ArchiCAD export plug-in's Use Reference File command, the geometry disappeared.
Artlantis Pricing and Ordering

Download the Artlantis 30-day Demo

Download the Export Plugins

2012 Mar 14

Experience the power of ArchiCAD and Artlantis together

We received this jaw-dropping animation from Francisco Vidigal, an architect working at ND 3D in Lisbon, who is also an Abvent/Artlantis beta tester and an instructor of both ArchiCAD and Artlantis.

This project, Liberdade Atrium (Freedom Atrium) is a luxury development that represents a new quality of life in the center of Almada. With residential, commercial, leisure activities, and excellent access, the Freedom Atrium is the ideal retreat in the city center.

There are 36 apartments T2, T3 and T4 to 10 box and garage shops, trade and services, which have garages, parking and an excellent location. Freedom Atrium also boasts plenty of green spaces, a sports field, and miniature golf.

"I used ArchiCAD for modelling, Artlantis for rendering (in this situation I used both versions 3 and 4) and for composition Adobe Premiere and after effects. The soap bubbles are after effects," Francisco said.

A fine example of what can be accomplished with ArchiCAD and Artlantis together!


Hôtel Paul Delaroche, 58 rue Saint Lazare 75009 Paris, France | +33 1 53 01 05 05