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2014 Sep 03

Karel Keuler | Blue Hills Project

Karel Keuler Architects
Blue Hills Show House Project
South Africa

We recently caught up with one of our power users in South Africa, Karel Keuler.  He told us about the Blue Hills Show House Project and shared a few stunning images with us. 

Karel Keuler Architects are long-time users of both SketchUp and Artlantis.  “We have been using Artlantis for approximately five years now with great success,” Karel told us.  They use SketchUp for modeling and devised a system called ‘Color Assignment’; they color all the planes in their SketchUp models with different colors and rename them before exporting to Artlantis.  A list is created that shaders can be added to with a simple drag & drop.


About the Blue Hills Show House Project

Johannesburg-based Century Properties has launched a new, up-market residential estate, Blue Hills, in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, and invited nine architects to design nine show houses.  Karel Keuler was among these nine architects:  The concept for the recently-held Home Show is that these nine houses will be designed and illustrated but will not be built. As such, these designs can only be presented by means of 3D renders at the home show and the display modules of each house rely on 3D renderings for display purposes.

Karel Keuler’s show house design totals 1 148 sqm; the architectural style of the house is described as Contemporary Farmhouse with modern elements.

The layout is reminiscent of a farm complex with ‘barn-like’ structures in differential juxtapositions connected to create the inside-outside movement between the house and the outside living areas. The main outside living area being the reflection swimming pool, kgotla and timber deck surrounded by a rim flow pebble pond with all the main internal living areas as well as the guest wing block leading onto this area. Water was incorporated as a major element throughout the design, as focal points, from the approach to the house, then moving through the entrance bridge floating over pebble ponds on either side, through the double volume reception area with a vista onto the main outside living area containing the pool and rim flow pebble pond and finally ending at the feature circular farm type pond outside the dining room and open patio.

The other major design element is the use of two tubular concrete light shafts with sloped glass roofs containing the entrance hall and circular main staircase as well as the steam shower tower replicating storage silos typically found on a farm complex.

Keeping with the Contemporary Farmhouse theme, the use of steel, off-shutter concrete and natural stone was crucial to replicate the farm complex mood and feel. Two of the structures/blocks are clad entirely with stone to emphasize and distinguish them as stone ‘barns’ of the farm complex. The use of two elevated galvanized iron rainwater tanks elevated along the north-south axis further reinforce the farmhouse style. The steel, glass and off-shutter components bring the modern-contemporary element to the design, working in unison with the classic farm elements creating a balance between old and new.

Quite a few of Karel Keuler’s 3D renders have been used by Century Properties in their marketing of the home show, i.e. local newspapers, flyers, billboards, etc.

We look forward to seeing much more of Karel Keuler's work in the future!


2013 Jun 06

Good news for SketchUp Pro 2013 users!

SketchUp Pro 2013 users will be pleased to know that the export plug-in for Artlantis 4.1 is now available in a free download.

Artlantis is the perfect software for SketchUp Pro users, allowing them to present their projects using 3D photo realistic renderings. Artlantis enables you to improve and bring realism to your SketchUp Pro models with 3D objects and textures.  Texture your models with high-resolution shaders to obtain a very realistic effect, then set your scene with as many light sources as you'd like.

These two programs will work for you in a complementary way, helping you to complete even the most ambitious projects, and giving your presentations the look you want.

 Download the Export Plug-ins

 Download the Artlantis 30-day Demo

 Learn how to use SketchUp Pro and Artlantis together

2013 May 07

LIVE! Online webinar: Rendering BIM models in Artlantis

On Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at 2:00 PM EDT, Chris Stringer of Objects Online will be joining Greg Conyngham of ICS for a webinar on rendering BIM models in Artlantis 4.1. In this webinar, we will introduce you to Abvent's Artlantis, the fastest stand-alone 3D rendering application developed especially for architects and designers. Artlantis is ideal for quickly and easily creating high resolution 3D renderings, iVisit 3D Panoramas, QuickTime VR Objects and animations. You'll learn how to:
  • Export your model from your 3D modeling program and and import into Artlantis
  • Quickly apply shaders and textures to create photo realistic building materials
  • Add objects and cutouts to your Artlantis model
  • Add and manage lighting and atmosphere
  • Create an iVisit 3D Panorama for client presentations 
Direct plug-ins are available for ArchiCAD, Vectorworks, SketchUp, and Revit in order to make Artlantis's rendering more accessible to you. Additionally, Artlantis reads the latest versions of the most common file formats such as .dxf, .dwg, .dwf, .fbx or .obj.

With Artlantis's renowned ease of use you no longer need specialists in your firm to achieve high quality, photo-realistic renderings and animations. Webinar guests will be able to take advantage of a special Artlantis promotion, which will be mentioned during the webinar. Mark your calendar (Wednesday, May 29, 2:00 PM EDT) and register today!

U.S. participants only, please!

 Register for the Webinar

 Download the Artlantis 30-day Demo

 Artlantis Pricing & Ordering


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