2007 Nov 15

Artlantis & Revit's duet rocks !

It's time for a user' story : Vincent Bansard, french trainer of CAD and 3D software for the company Lineis, likes to give a try to different types of soft in its freelance activity as a draftsman. Recently he started to use Revit and Artlantis as a duet and he found out it works pretty well.
You can read his testimonial on the Abvent website and see more pictures of his pool hall project.

2007 Nov 08

Great Architect

Ivo Venkov and his wife Rossi Venkov are known as the "Coolest Architects" in the United States after winning a Merit Award for their Pacific Palisades Residence project in 2005. They call their architecture 'livable minimalism'.
Watch Ivo's interview by Graphisoft, in its series of "great architects" videos : Apple QuickTime
Windows Media

model ©Ivo Venkov/ ArchiCAD
render ©Mister White /Artlantis 2.0

2007 Nov 06

Patch for Leopard

Warning ! This patch is made for Artlantis 1.2.6 users having problems on Leopard (MacOS 10.5). This patch allows to launch Artlantis as normal and to work on your files, BUT the function lensflare does not work anymore.


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